Trade-In Acceptance Policy

Books are accepted for trade-in on an as needed basis. Credit is given at 1/4th of the list price of paperbacks and half of what we plan to charge of hardcovers. If the book was purchased from us we always accept it back for credit as long as it is in re-sellable condition. We do not take encyclopedias, reader’s digest condensed books, categories romances over 2 years old, or National Geographic magazines.

Book Credit

Book credit can be gained when trading books in. Book credit can be used to purchase used books. New books can never come off of used book credit. There is one small section of no-trade books near the checkout (some of our best selling authors). These are used half-off paperbacks but do not come off credit. To use credit you must always purchase at least one item, which may be a new item or the most expensive of your used books, otherwise credit classes are as follows in ascending order of value:

  1. General
  2. Cookbook
  3. Science fiction/Fantasy
  4. Children’s
  5. Audio CDs

Book Ordering Requests

We order new books frequently so they are usually available within a week for pickup. Not yet released books can be pre-ordered and you will be contacted on the release date and one will be reserved for you. We ask that all ordered books be picked up within 2 weeks. Books can be ordered by fax (851-6185), phone (985-876-7626), or email (BentPages@msn.com) and you don’t need to pay until pickup/checkout. We do request that items over $100.00 and textbooks be pre-paid with a credit card if ordering over the phone.
We can also ship orders or books we already have in stock to specific locations. These can be arranged in-person, through fax (851-6185), phone (985-876-7626), or email (BentPages@msn.com) and we will respond with a price quote. When arranged through phone or email, shoppers should pay with a credit card. Standard shipping rates apply.

NSF Checks

NSF checks are assessed a fee of $20.00 in addition to the original amount of the check. It is your responsibility to pay this within 2 weeks. We do not re-deposit these checks. Anyone with outstanding bad checks will not be allowed to write checks in our store again.

New Book Pricing

Most new books are 30% off the List Price. If the discount is less than 30%, we will quote you the price. This may be the case for specialty books. New books never come off of used book credit.

Used Book Pricing

Paperbacks are half of the original cover price. Hardcovers are as marked, but many cost less than half the original price.